Learning Moments

Here on Hammermarks you see a lot of my finished pieces.  Sometimes even the steps in their process.  What you don’t see are my mistakes.

Cracked Ring Base, yes that is wasted silver!

That’s right, I make mistakes.  Yesterday was evidence of this.  I was making another ring like the “Sweettart” one I did last week (remember that the stone cracked on that one).  I actually had two problems.  First, the bezel moved when I was soldering it (it was a weird shaped stone and a weird shaped bezel).  I came up with a way to fix this (a learning moment!).  But after spending all the time to finish the individual parts and put the piece together, I had a problem soldering the band on.  I apparently used too much pressure and the ring cracked through the base.  Very disappointing.

Melted and Destroyed Brass Bezel

This isn’t my first mistake.  Here’s a bezel that I completely melted when trying to force the solder to fit an ill-fitting joint.

I have also been practicing soldering jumprings.  Here are my dismal results.  While not exactly mistakes, they are awfully sloppy.

A Flock of Messy Jump Rings

Do these problems get me down?  Sure, at the time.  Mostly though I just feel like I wasted my day.  But, truthfully, this is what making is all about – learning.  These moments make the pieces that do turn out that much more gratifying.

So, what mistakes have you made lately?  What did you learn from them?

2 thoughts on “Learning Moments

  1. true, always a learning curve however never a waste! Thats what I love about silver! If you don’t have a rolling mill, you can always melt it and cast it in cuttle bone, charcoal, beans, brooms, pasta, rice, salt, sand, rock, water or wherever our imagination takes us!
    We can always hammer and fold something like that or fuse it with more bits – never a waste of silver 🙂


  2. Always helps to know that other metal workers have trials anmd frustraytions a;long the way. The execution is mnot always as good as the design. Thanks for sharing.


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