3 Ring Weekend!

My Holiday Weekend Work, three rings in sterling, agate, brass, and copper

Some of you might be aware that quite a few members of the Etsy Metal Team have decided to do the Ring A Day challenge this year.  Each participant will make one ring a day for every day in 2010.  Pretty ambitious.  I have been following some of the results and have particularly impressed with the work of Sara Westermark.  Her work inspired me so much that I decided it was finally time that I made a ring.

"Sweettart" Ring ©2010 WTEK sterling silver, crazy lace agate

A ring?! That’s right.  I haven’t made a ring since my sophomore metals class at Tyler.  I just don’t think that small.  Lucky for me, big rings have been coming back and now seemed like the perfect time to try.  I had some crazy lace agate cabs left from the shipment of stones I got over the Summer.  I decided to use the round cab and to use a textured back and hammered ring band and bezel/prong setting.  It all went well until what I thought was an oddly placed band in the agate design ended up being a fissure that cracked when I put the last prong into place.  (That’s the chance you take when you buy discount stones off eBay!)  I put some glue to stablize the crack, but I don’t think I can ethically sell it at this point.

Copper Fold Formed Ring ©2010 WTEK copper, brass

On a happier note, I really liked the design and will definitely do it again!  I also ended up making two other rings during the downtime while working on the agate ring.  I was just playing around with a piece or fold formed copper left over from one of my medallions and decided to rivet the ends together.

Then I used a piece of silver from the fold formed collar (featured in the Winter Newsletter), wrapped it around a mandrel and then textured a thick piece of silver wire and riveted it to the band.  All three of the rings were patinated using liver of sulfur to darken their color.  I really liked making these rings and both my husband

sterling silver "bar" ring ©2010 WTEK

and myself really like the bar ring.

So, what do you think of my foray into the world or finger jewelry?  Which one of the rings is your favorite?

3 thoughts on “3 Ring Weekend!

  1. I’m lovin’ the ‘sweettart’ ring! I like to make large pieces, cuz that’s what I prefer to wear myself. Keep makin ’em!


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