Ideas for My Super Bowl 2010

I still haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do for this year’s Super Bowl Challenge.  I’ve had a bunch of ideas, I’m just not sure which one to choose.

I’ve been thinking about riveting pieces together to create a sort of “Frankenbowl.”  I would fold form a bunch of pieces and then rivet them together.  I’ve though about keeping it pretty simple and then riveting panels of more intricate fold forming onto it.  Another “simple” design idea involved plain formed pieces riveted together along seams.  The seams have been either simple folds forming ridges along the outside or a more complex lacing effect with rivets holding the tabs down.  Another idea was to create a bowl with empty spaces in a framework.  I haven’t come up with a more cohesive idea for this, so I don’t think that it will be the idea that I choose.

Inside of Fold Formed Copper Bowl ©2009 WTEK

I’ve also thought about just coming up with a base for the fold formed bowl I worked on in December.  It was originally a way of working out an idea I had for this challenge.  That just seemed like a cop-out for this challenge, though.  I want the SBC 2010 bowl to be designed specifically for this challenge.

So now you know that I have been thinking about my designs and that i am definitely getting excited for the big day!  There’s still time for you to join up.  Don’t forget about the Flickr group and the Facebook event page.  And the most important thing to remember to do for the SBC?  HAVE FUN!!

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