Calling All PA Craftspeople

I went to my first Lancaster Designer Craftsmen board meeting last night.  It was interesting seeing all the behind the scenes action that happens.  One thing which came up (very briefly) was the lack of younger craftspeople who are joining our chapter.  I know that this is something that has been affecting the entire PA Guild, and I’m curious why.

Are you young, an active craftsperson, and living/working in PA?  Why aren’t you a Guild member?  No, seriously, I want to know what keeps you from joining?  Do you not know about the Guild and what it does?  (Check out their website and blog)  Are you unsure that it would be a good fit for you?  What sort of things would you expect to get out of a Guild if you joined?  Would you be willing to volunteer to help make the Guild a better place?

Maybe you think that the Guild is outdated and needs to change.  It can’t change without help from you!  Get involved and you can help move the Guild forward.  Maybe you like the way the Guild is now, but feel that your work isn’t up to standards.  Well, the Guild offers workshops in crafts techniques and selling/marketing practices.

I’m asking these questions out of personal curiosity, not in any official capacity.  Please leave your comments here or email me.  I really want the Guild to be an entity that can keep up with the changing tides in the craft industry.

One thought on “Calling All PA Craftspeople

  1. Wendy,
    I think we mentioned that I am from Harrisburg, Pa. Maybe sometime when I come out to visit family , I could do a day long seminar on Professional Development for your Guild.
    We could plan ahead, maybe a year or so.


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