My 3 Most Recent Necklaces

On the last day of 2009 I was able to finish one necklace and totally complete a second.  I am really happy with the results of both and I was able to photo them over the weekend along with my Eyeball piece from the other week.  Now I can share them with you!  I even have some photos of the process of designing my arrowhead-like necklace.

Arrowhead design drawn onto the copper

First I textured the copper sheet.  Then I traced the stone and decided on tab placement.  I drew the outside edge of the piece, the  tabs to set the stone, and then the baile.

I then cut out the design and the tab edges.  I thought that at this point it kind of looked like a stylized heart. Anatomical heart, not valentine heart.

Looking like a heart at this point!






I decided to put it on a woven copper chain that I had made quite some time ago but hadn’t found a pendant for yet.  The whole thing was patinated in liver of sulfur to darken the copper and bring out the texture.  At this point I set the stone in the tabs.

I love the way this piece turned out, what do you think of it?

"Arrowhead" Pendant copper and morrisonite

I finally was able to patina the collar for the medallion I made earlier and attach them, so that is the other necklace that I worked on. Check it out:

Copper and Brass 3" diameter medallion on a 16" collar

And finally, the photo of my Eyeball necklace.  You can see the textures in the chain more clearly than in the photo I took in my studio when I first finished it.

Eyeball Necklace - nickel, brass, pyrite

5 thoughts on “My 3 Most Recent Necklaces

  1. Great pieces. Good use of tabs as design elements. Does patinating the copper stop it from depositing natural green patina on the skin?


  2. The finished heart piece is beautiful! I can see how showing us the stages of your process gets us way more involved and make the finished piece even more precious. Great post!


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