Super Bowl Challenge 2010

2009's Super Bowl, Tortuga ©2009 WTEK

You may remember that last year I challenged myself to make a bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.  This year, I challenge you to join me!  You can make your bowl out of metal, wood, plastic, bread, papier-maché, anything that you want.

I want you to have plenty of time to come up with an idea.  The bowl can be started before the 7th, but it should be finished (if possible) on the actual Sunday.  There’s plenty of time before kick-off to work on your bowl, so don’t worry about missing the game.  You might even be able to use your bowl for chips or dip if you plan right!

There is a Super Bowl Challenge 2010 Flickr group set-up where we can display our finished products and I’ll showcase some of them right here on my blog.  There is also a Super Bowl Challenge Facebook event page and, if you have your own blog, show us the progress of your bowl and we can link to each other.  And make sure to tell your friends, too.  The more the merrier!

So put on your thinking caps, start designing, and set aside February 7th, 2010 to make your own Super Bowl.

The awesome graphic that I created ;^)

9 thoughts on “Super Bowl Challenge 2010

  1. W – Sounds like a really cool idea. And though I am not into Super Bowl I will take part in the challenge. I have accepted another challenge and that is to do I alphabet letter a week for a year – I will be doing it on metal. 2010 is already looking good. B


    1. I’m not into the Super Bowl either. I thought it was a way for a non-football person to have fun on the day too! That’s great you’re working on different challenges. I find that they help me to focus more and sometimes push me in different directions than I otherwise might have chosen. I’m glad you’ll be taking part!


  2. Wendy,
    I too will take that challenge.
    I usually spend the day watching DVD’s but this will get me thinking of designs. Maybe another tear drop? Raising a cup form – who knows!


  3. I just may try to do this–I’ve been needing a new candy dish… [Not committing YET–should know within the next day or two. ;-]


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