January 2010 Artist of the Month- Beth Aten

© Beth Aten work in fabric

It’s a new year and I’ve decided to feature more Pennsylvania artists in 2010.  There will still be non-PA artists, too, don’t fret!  The first of my PA series is fiber artist Beth Aten.  I saw her work in person at the PA Guild of Craftsmen’s Holiday Show in Lancaster this year.  She had pieces both in fabric and smaller ones in paper, which I thought was interesting.  She had wall pieces, table pieces, and even cards and brooches.  Her work is abstract in nature, but sometimes it seems like you can almost see landscapes in the patterns and colors.  Both her fabric and her paper are hand dyed and stitched by her.

In her own words:

Organic contours, complex interplay between shapes and colors, sinuous lines and richly textured fabrics are used to depict the light and movement I am inspired by on my daily walks in nature. Having control over the exterior contours is a primary reason I work in fiber. I appreciate the sculptural properties this imparts to the work, as well as the works’ seeming continuation and flow throughout the display space. I spend long hours in the dye studio creating the richly textured fabrics; often one piece of fabric undergoes many processes to achieve the layered results.

You can see more of Beth Aten’s work on her website, and she has a blog called Studio Days as well.