My Top Ten Pieces of 2009

I’ve decided to end the year with some Top Ten lists.  There might still be some other kinds of posts, but I want to give a kind of wrap-up of the year in list form.  As always, there is no particular order to the list.  The first of these lists is:

Top Ten Pieces I Made in 2009

Blood, Elements #9 ©2009 WTEK
Untitled Silver Collar ©2009 WTEK
Medallion #6 ©2009 WTEK
Fold Formed Copper Cuff ©2009 WTEK
Tortuga aka the Super Bowl ©2009 WTEK
Chinle Brooch ©2009 WTEK
Ice, Elements #7 ©2009 WTEK
Riverstone Silver Fold Formed Cuff ©2009 WTEK
Untitled Fold Formed Brooch ©2009 WTEK

And the number one thing I’ve made this year?  It’s always whatever I’m working on next!

3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Pieces of 2009

  1. Wendy – what an uplifting feeling it must be to look back over the year and know that you have created some beautiful unique pieces. May 2010 produce the next big thing. Barry


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