Cuffmas Wrap-Up

Portrait of a Goat by Tambako the Jaguar

Well, the 12 Days of Cuffmas are finally over.  We were able to raise enough to donate three shares of a goat through Heifer International.  I will leave the page up until the 25th, but I can only send cuffs out as the orders come in, so there’s no promises about delivery by Christmas.  I just want to make sure that I don’t shut anyone out from helping with the goat just because they lost track of time.  I will be sending the donations in after the 25th of December.

I did have  higher hopes for this promotion, but if I do it next year, I’m sure that participation will rise.  I was happy to get the donations that I did.  There was even an extra donation from one of the participants.  He lives in the same town as I do, so I saved some money on shipping and sent him the difference back.  He told me that he was tearing the check up and that I should donate the difference to Heifer.  Actions like these really inspire me.

So have a Merry Cuffmas and make sure to be safe, healthy, and happy this holiday season!

One thought on “Cuffmas Wrap-Up

  1. Thanks to you and to those who supported the work of Heifer International through purchases in your “12 Days of Cuffmas” campaign. We have enjoyed following your exchanges and posts and are deeply grateful for all you do. Every gift–large or small-makes a difference, and the shares of a goat will help help provide a family some of the greatest gifts of all–the gifts of hope, opportunity and self reliance. Best wishes for the holidays to you and your readers.


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