The Last Day of Cuffmas

Brass Fold Formed Cuff ©2009 WTEK

Aaahhhhh!  We come to the twelfth and final day of Cuffmas.  I like this cuff, it is one of my favorites.  It’s easy to wear, has nice clean lines, and has those beautiful, gauntlet-like edges to it.  This one is made from the yellow brass I mentioned the other day.  It’s a little bit lighter both in color and weight than some of the other cuffs.  Like I said, it’s easy to wear.  I especially like this one if you’re wearing red.  I just think it compliments the color well.

There’s still time to help us send a goat.  Buy this and other cuffs at the 12 Days of Cuffmas website and make sure to check back to find out if we made our goal.