A Compendium of Hammers

My Favorite Hammers

Since some of my most popular posts have been my “Better Know Your Hammer” series, I decided that I would make it easy on everyone and list all of them here as a quick reference guide.  If you’re new to Hammermarks, maybe you haven’t seen them yet.  Just click on the photo pf the hammer you want to know more about.

***Better Know Your Hammer – the book is now available as a paperback or ebook!  It includes info about all these hammers plus a glossary, hammer resources, and info on why hammers work the way they do and tips on using and buying one. (updated 7/2011)***

Sinking Hammer
Raising Hammers
Planishing Hammer
Forging Hammer
Chasing Hammer
Non-Marring Hammers

If you have any thoughts to share about these or other kinds of hammers, please let us know.  If you have your own favorite hammer, let us know that, too.  Link to a photo if you have one.