The Music Edition of Hammer Links

Once again I am here to lighten your day with some non-jewelry related hammer links!  Today I decided to focus on music related hammer connections.

  • Piano Hammers – the part of the piano that actually hits the strings, the hammer is what makes the piano equally a string and percussion instrument.  Now you can learn How to Fix Piano Hammers.
  • Pretty much the whole realm of percussion instruments uses hammer-like implements to keep the beat (unless you use your hands like with a bongo.)  Xylophones, Tympani, and Bodhrans are just some examples.
  • And winning with the best (so far) hammer-related band name – The Hammers of Misfortune.  disclaimer: I have not listened to their music, but most bands I’ve come across with the word hammer in their name are either heavy or death metal (aside from MC Hammer, of course).  You’ve been warned.