December Artist of the Month – Kathleen Krucoff

The Breakthrough ©2009 Kathleen Krucoff

I’m back with a new jeweler for your viewing pleasure!  Kathleen Krucoff is someone who was introduced to me through a Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths’ member, Lexi Erickson (who herself is metalsmith).  She started out as a glass artist (still is!) and was drawn into the metalsmithing world and became hooked like so many of us.  She draws on nature and the elements as inspiration for her work and her latest series is called Soul Searching.

Her blog is a journal of her personal journey as an artist, and like her jewelry series, she’s doing some soul searching through her art.  It is a wonderful glimpse into the inner workings of an artist who takes her work very personally.

So please, check out her blog, Mystical Mythical Metalwork, check out her website Kathleen Krucoff Studios, and of course, consider adding her work to your collection!

3 thoughts on “December Artist of the Month – Kathleen Krucoff

  1. Hi Wendy!

    I just stumbled on to this, Thank you so much! I am truly honored that you chose me as Artist of the month.

    Thank you for your kind words and letting people know about me and my work. I greatly appreciate it.

    All the best, Kathleen


  2. Wendy—Besides yourself, Kathleen is one of the most inspiring women on the jewelry field. She posses an ability to design beautifully, which is only complimented by her flawless craftsmanship. You chose this month’s artist well. Congratulations to you both. I’m honored to call you both my friend.


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