AEDM 2009 Wrap Up

My Hand and a Crazy Spiral

Well, it’s the last day of November and this year’s Art Every Day Month has come to a close.  I originally had two goals for the month.  1) Do a doodle every day.  2) Take my camera with me everywhere that I go.

The doodling happened everyday.  Usually I would try to doodle in the morning after breakfast and walking the dog.  Sometimes, though, I had to wait until later in the day due to lack of time or inspiration.  It was definitely harder the longer I put it off.  But it happened!  I might even keep doing this.  I have a ton of index cards left (I found about 500 more the other day!).  It made me feel good to have at least one creative thing accomplished everyday.  November was a really down time for me creative wise this year, so this project really helped.


The camera thing happened for about three days.  I did go outside more than usual to take photos after that point, but I really didn’t practice this the way I had wanted to.  To be fair, there weren’t really that many times where I didn’t have a camera when I wanted one.  Still ended up a flop though.  I did complete the Lancaster Kodachrome Project (at the last minute!  What has happened to my punctuality?!).  I had a great time yesterday walking around downtown Lancaster and taking photographs, or I guess I should say slides 🙂  It gave me a different perspective on the city.  Not the least of which was because I started and ended the afternoon with views from the tops of parking garages.  It’s a really neat way to look at a city.

So once again I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Art Every Day Month.  It was fun for me to doodle, and it was inspiring to visit the other participants sites to see what they were up to.  I can’t wait for next year!  Thank you all (especially Leah!) for the wonderful art filled month.

My Final AEDM Doodle

4 thoughts on “AEDM 2009 Wrap Up

  1. I love that chicken!! Thanks so much for joining in AEDM, Wendy. I loved seeing your creations and knowing that you were creating along with me. 🙂


    1. Thank you everyone who commented on my blog during AEDM. It’s fun to do the projects, but it’s also fun to find new friends and get feedback from other people.


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