Second to Last AEDM Update

Spades and Hearts

Here are the next five doodles I’ve worked on for Art Every Day Month.  I had been thinking about playing cards for some reason recently, and the spade/heart reflection came out of that.  Then I was cleaning up the other day and found these two little dudes that I had made in highs school and college.  They were cast out of bronze and I always liked them, but they had been packed away in a box with stuff I didn’t know what to do with.  I’m glad I finally cleaned it up and found them.  So I decided to do a sketch of one of them.  The donut was just something I though would be fun to draw.

Then on Wednesday, I was looking through some of the other AEDM posts, and the woman who draws the zentangles (whose doodles are amazing) did one where she traced her hand.  I thought that that would be an interesting image, so I decided to trace my fingers.  I also saw some neat old Turkish book jackets (courtesy of a tweet by Koldo Barroso) and one had these graphic elements that reminded me of guitar picks, so I also traced a guitar pick in this doodle.  I then did some different techniques to design around them.   I liked it so much, I continued the idea yesterday.  Only this time I traced my fingers a couple of times and then I used a teaspoon a few times in the image.  I kept this one really black and white and graphic.  Kind of stark.  I like how it cam out also.

Just a few more days left for the challenge and then it’s the Twelve Days of Cuffmas!

Donut and a Dude
Surrealistic/Cubist perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Second to Last AEDM Update

  1. Wow! Interesting drawings! To me, there is lots of rhythm in the bottom drawings. I’d go with surreal; the dude and the donut have a otherworldly, mysterious quality about them. Very fun!


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