Top Ten (Jewelry Related) Things I’m Thankful For

My Favorite Hammers

Top Ten (Jewelry Related) Things I’m Thankful For

(These are in no particular order)

  1. That I am able to make the work that I want to.
  2. For my lovely studio!
  3. Hammers, need I say more?  (On a side note: I saw a jeweler whose name was Wendolyn Hammer in American Craft, that should be my name!  I’m so jealous!)
  4. Everyone who bought a piece of my work.  I’m always thankful when my pieces can find a loving home.
  5. The helpfulness of the PA Guild of Craftsmen
  6. The fun networking at the Creative House of Lancaster
  7. That two new galleries added me to their collection of artists (Luke & Eloy and Veleska)
  8. Art Every Day Month for keeping me creative during a huge downtime
  9. Metal for letting me bang the hell out of it to make something beautiful
  10. For everyone who has helped me out this past year!

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