AEDM and Updates

First an update on Art Every Day Month.  Here are my most recent doodles.

Still Life with Nail Polish and a Suped Up Note to Self
A Dandelion and An ode to a Peanut

I have to admit that I have really slacked at the “bring my camera with me everywhere” challenge.  But I also haven’t really been seeing anything where I think, “I wish I had my camera!” either.  I am participating in the Lancaster Kodachrome Campaign, so that’s going to make up for the camera part I think.  Plus I get to bust out my Hanimex (scroll down to the bottom of the website for a photo) one last time.

In other news:

I’ve also been working on the Twelve Days of Cuffmas website.  I have photos of the cuffs up, but I still need to add the PayPal buttons.

I will have two pieces in the Creative House of Lancaster‘s Digital CHL event for December’s First Friday.

DEC 4th 2009 Hosted by: MacHeads 651 Harrisburg Ave Lancaster, PA 17603 717.390.9100 Open to the public and Refreshments will be Provided with Live Entertainment
Doors open at 5:00 PM, Artist Reception at 5:30-7 PM
Open until 9PM
Handicap Accessible