Fun Times In the Studio

It Looks Like Old Lava Flow

I managed to get studio time in on Friday.  I hammered a pillow shape that I had suspended using pitch, but didn’t use

Jeez, I look so serious!

the pitch while chasing.  I chased over air instead.  I wanted to see how this technique would work out on a larger form.  (It’s the same technique I used in my fold formed brass/nickel collar that looks biological.)  I really like the way it turned out, especially on the underside.  Too bad there’s not really a market any longer for ashtrays, it’s the perfect shape and size.  Plus I don’t want it to be all dirty and ashy anyway.  Do you think it’s too big for a pendant?

Hey, the copper kinda looks like a collar bone...

. . . . . .  . I also decided (finally!) on how to suspend my “medal” pendant.  The final design makes it look less medally, but I still like the way the pieces work together.  I need to darken the copper collar to match the disk though.

I’m not sure what I want to work on the next time I have a studio day.  Maybe a couple of more cuffs for Cuffmas.  I better figure it out soon though!

One thought on “Fun Times In the Studio

  1. It could work as a pendant. It looks like a game Dorian had once where you would move a ball bearing through some chambers.


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