AEDM, 12 Days of Cuffmas, and Gnome Madness

I have tons of stuff to share with you today.  First, I want to let you know about the Twelve Days of Cuffmas.

From December 1st – December 12th I will be donating $10.00 from every cuff purchased at the site to Heifer International.  Each cuff includes free gift wrap if you would like and will be shipped to either you or a gift recipient via Priority Mail going out by December 15th.  I’m trying to sell enough that we can donate a goat.  For more info about Heifer International follow the link.

Gnomie Ornaments

Second, I am now a 2010 board member for the Lancaster Designer Craftsmen chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen!  We had our annual meeting last night and I was voted in.  We also made some adorable little gnome ornaments.

And finally, here are my latest Art Every Day Month doodles.  I have to admit that I haven’t been taking too many photos, but I have managed to keep up with the doodles.  I enjoy doing them and I haven’t yet felt like I had to do them with a feeling of trepidation.  I usually just put it off until later in the day if I don’t feel inspired.

Peep/Hello Kittie inspired rabbit
The Great Snake Escape
Yet another abstract line doodle
Another gnome inspired by the ornaments

10 thoughts on “AEDM, 12 Days of Cuffmas, and Gnome Madness

  1. What a great cause with the 12 days of cuffmas – I salute you! Congrats on making board member as well…plus you doodles are so cute! You’ve definitely been busy, thanks for sharing!


  2. I just tore your blog apart looking for the link to purchase a cuff… then saw that they weren’t up yet. doh. GREAT idea though. GREAT excuse to buy one!


  3. Congrats on becoming a board member. And what a wonderful way to add to additional value to a purchase. My wife and I are giving to Heifer this year as well. And thanks for volunteering yesterday!


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