AEDM and Art on the Farm

Saturday Morning Just After the Doors Opened

View Across From Me

This weekend was Art on the Farm and boy did the gorgeous weather bring people out!   My sales were still less than I’d hoped for, but it was still a good weekend.  I had people who had bought cuffs from me last year tell me how many compliments they’ve received, and one woman bought another cuff after having bought two last year!

I didn’t take too many photos as I was working there this weekend, but I did keep up with my doodling.  Here are the next five doodles for the month.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been really into abstract and geometric repeating patterns so far.  I thought that I would be doing more sketching, but that’s not how it’s turned out.  We’ll see how this progresses.

On Friday I was Feeling Red


I worked on these during Art on the Farm


Today's doodle was inspired by yesterday's.

3 thoughts on “AEDM and Art on the Farm

  1. I really like the doodles that you are doing. In no time you’ll have quite the sampler. These will come in hand when you are designing something and need some inspiration. The “wood grain” one, the last one, has an interesting pattern and texture. I’m happy to hear that you had a good weekend. It was gorgeous here too.


  2. Isn’t doodling great meditation. When I go to craft shows as an artist it is my favorite thing to do. You can get lost in the lines for hours. I like what you’ve done here. And your jewelry is beautiful.


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