Foo Fighters, Neil Diamond, and How to Keep Your Inspiration Flowing

The other night I was driving home from my other, non-jewelry job and I stumbled upon Jack Black interviewing the Foo Fighters.  I only listened to 15min worth (I had to walk the dog when I got home) and even though 1/2 that time was spent listening to “Wheels” and “My Hero” (two songs I like) the part I did hear really struck home.

Jack Black asked the Foos if the well ever runs dry.  Did they ever pick up a guitar and it just wasn’t there, no songs would come out?  They answered “no.”  Dave Grohl said that if they took guitars into the studio for a week they would come out with songs every time.  They probably wouldn’t all be the best songs, but when they try to write they always end up with something.

Then they blew my mind by bringing up Neil Diamond.  They mentioned talking with him about songwriting and he talked about it like exercising.  Writing is like a muscle that needs exercising, the more you write, the easier and better it gets.  The longer you spend in between writing sessions, the harder it is to start back up again.  The Foos also mentioned that their best songs tend to be written near the end of album cycles.  They’re written after having thoroughly warmed up the writing muscle.

This analogy quickly went downhill at this point in the interview, but these points really hit home with me.  I began to think about how hard it is for me to get back into the studio after taking time off.  I feel like there’s more pressure and less inspiration.  Usually I try to just force myself to work on something, knowing that I’ll get in the mood if I just start working on something.  (Unless I injure my thumb of course.  It’s healing quite nicely BTW.)  My AEDM project where I do a doodle a day is one way I’m trying to keep the juices flowing.  Even when I can’t get into the studio, I’m still thinking creatively.

How do you feel if you can’t work on your art/job/passion as often as you’d like?  How do you spark your inspiration or keep it from running dry?  And can you believe the Foo Fighters ever hung out with Neil Diamond?!  Leave a comment and let us know, then get back to working on what you love!

3 thoughts on “Foo Fighters, Neil Diamond, and How to Keep Your Inspiration Flowing

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m definitely with you on feeling more pressure, less inspiration after time away from the studio. I normally go in on Sunday and Tuesday, but I didn’t make it on Tuesday this week. Luckily I think I’m going to make time to go this evening 🙂 My notebook is filling with doodles!

    Since I have to pay rent at the studio, I’m trying to decide whether I’d be better off putting that money towards equipment and having my own setup in the basement. Safety issues with torches aside, I’m really not sure whether having a separate space to work is better or worse for me–it is definitely nice to go into “working on stuff” mode and have few/no distractions, but it’s not as nice to have to schedule my creative time rather than just diving in on a whim…


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