November Artist of the Month – Koldo Barroso

The Song of the Sea Goat ©2009 Koldo Barrosso

It’s November and it’s a little creepy out and dreary, so I decided to choose an artist whose work is a little creepy in a whimsical kind of way.  It was on Essential Prose where I first saw his work, she was talking about his album cover designs.  Koldo Barroso is an illustrator whose work reminds me of Edward Gorey or Pan’s Labyrinth.  The line detail is exquisite and the fun he has with the pieces is evident and always makes me smile.

He’s designed pieces based on poems, music, and also illustrated children’s books – the good kind, if you know what I mean.  Here’s an excerpt from his about page:

Art and Illusion: these are the keys to my work. I believe that we are all surrounded by a supernatural world of creatures and living forms. They co-habit with us, they influence our thoughts, feelings and actions and are present in the most important moments of our life. Sometimes we notice these energies with our minds, other times we can sense them with our spirit and even see them with our physical eyes. My passion is to make visible this invisible world to your eyes.

On his website you can buy Koldo’s prints and original drawings, as well as hire him for your illustration needs.  Check out his blog and his website for more information.

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