Good Stuff

Well, this weekend it was cold and rainy, uncharacteristic for October in PA.  The folks at the PA Guild and Montgomery County Community College rallied though, and were able to offer us some spaces indoors.  Thanks guys!

I’m still unpacking, so I’ll give you a brief list of some things I’ve overheard (or been told directly) from patrons at my past shows.

  • simple, but not too simple
  • strong pieces
  • sophisticated and modern
  • good design
  • now that’s real art
  • it shows that I went to art school
  • subtle
  • striking
  • does things for the eyeball
  • edgy
  • looks like leather
  • looks crushed

What do you think of my work?  What are some good comments people have said about your work?

4 thoughts on “Good Stuff

  1. The things that I like about your work are the details…in particular the ‘folded metal’. Love that part of it so much.

    The good comments people have said about my work is that it’s very organic looking. Since I’m inspired by nature, I like that it comes through in my work.

    All great feedback on yours. Wonderful positive reinforcement for you. 🙂


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