The Things I Love About Metalsmithing

These are some of the things that make me love metalsmithing, what convinces me to keep going even when I’m feeling down.

  • Getting to bang the crap out of a piece of metal and have something beautiful come out
  • Working through problems and having new solutions present themselves
  • Watching metal go from a flat sheet into a multidimensional piece always amazes me
  • Using a torch!
  • When the bezel is a perfect fit and the stone clicks right in.
  • The meditation of planishing a form.
  • When all the pieces fit together and the final piece is just what I wanted (whether it came out the way I planned or not!)
  • When someone enters my booth, goes straight for piece and knows that it is exactly what they want.  They love it so much that there is no doubt in their mind.
  • The feel of silver sanded to 600 grit (metalworkers, you know what I’m talking about!)
Where the Magic Happens
Where the Magic Happens

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