What Can Art Do For You?

Sometimes people think that art is frivolous and doesn’t offer anything substantial to them.  Here are some ideas about what art can do for you.  If you have any other ideas, add to the list in the comments section!

  • Looks Pretty
  • Makes You Angry/Happy/Sad
  • Makes You Think
  • Starts Discussions (even bad art can do this!)
  • Elevates Your Soul
  • Depicts Your Style
  • Helps You Stand Out
  • Helps You Fit In
  • Matches Your Sofa 🙂
  • Gives You Something To Look At If You Don’t Have Windows
  • Helps You Be Cultured
  • Teaches You About Things (e.g. Religion, Society, Other Cultures)

Once again, these are just a few ideas (some of them tongue in cheek, so don’t get mad at me!) and I want to hear more from you guys.

8 thoughts on “What Can Art Do For You?

  1. matches the sofa! ha! (though that’s not terrible at times.)

    to add to your list, some other things: art inspires me, art can lift my mood, art can connect with me spiritually, and art can make a space feel like home.


  2. Barb, right on — art does save lives, especially the artist who is creating it. Creating art has helped me tremendously work through childhood traumas, which I don’t think twice about now. They are in the past and gone, poof, with many strokes of the brush and beautiful color and shape being laid out before my eyes. I owe art my freedom.

    Leah, yes, my home feels so much more home after I hang my paintings. I sometimes wonder what non-artists do with their homes. How do they accomplish making a home feel home with bare walls?

    Wendy, good points
    — “looks pretty” — even though some artists would cringe at that point, I love it. Beauty is such an important aspect to living a healthy sustainable life. It heals some aspect within that is so much of the time barraged with ugliness.

    — “Elevates Your Soul” — yes it does. Art elevates our soul because art touches a deeper part of us non-verbally than any other modality, except maybe music, but that is an art too.

    I cannot imagine a world without art. I walked into the campus police office last week to get my ID card. Dusty, smoky blue BLANK walls adorned this space. I looked incredulously at the women working there. How do they do this — show up and work in this bland space everyday? I could not do it.

    Thanks, Wendy, for the inspiration and allowing me the space to think more about what art does for me.



  3. I like your points- makes you angry, makes you think, starts discussions… I think we have enough ‘pretty’- give me interesting, even ugly, give me thoughtful or resonant every time.


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