Recent Ideas

Here are some of the ideas that I’ve been mulling over recently.  It doesn’t mean I’ll get to any of these things anytime soon, but you get a glimpse into what I think about.

  • Silver fold formed cuffs

    Gemstones waiting for pieces
    Gemstones waiting for pieces
  • Cuffs with gemstones on them
  • Silver pieces for two of my gemstones (I still don’t know whether I want to make necklaces, bracelets, or brooches for these pieces!)
  • Pieces for my other gemstones
  • And, as always, ideas for the ubiquitous teapot (more about this in another post)

2 thoughts on “Recent Ideas

  1. I see some pretty stones there ! LOL..

    I sorta visualized that Marcisite and Chromium cab looking really cool in a bracelet. Especially with your awesome style in metal work..

    The Morrisonite in a pendant, and the Florida Chert with druzy….. hmmm… Maybe that one in a pendant too.

    Can’t wait to see !


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