September First Friday Finds

So this past Friday I took an art day and went into Lancaster.  I was planning on going to the opening for the PA Guild’s “In the Kitchen” exhibition at their gallery, the Guilded Tulip.  I look at the Lancaster Arts website for some more things to do and, lo and behold, there was a screening of the Radical Jewelry Makeover film.  More about that later.

Shattered, my piece in the RJM film
Shattered, my piece in the RJM film

I crossed the street to go into the Guilded Tulip and found that all the people around me were going in also.  It was packed!  I looked around and it was laid out wonderfully.  There were two hutches and two tables as well as the standard pedestals and shelves.  They set it up to look like you were in someones (albeit rather large and crowded) kitchen.  The work was beautiful and made me want to have a completely handmade kitchen and dining room.  Unfortunately, this is not an option monetarily at this point in my life.  I’ll have to just build it one small piece at a time. There were beautiful plates, mugs, cutting boards, cutlery, etc and also at a variety of price points.  You really have to check it out and it makes a great place to begin your holiday shopping.

Once dark fell, they started the Radical Jewelry Makeover film.  I was surprised to learn that one of my necklaces from RJM II in Lancaster was included!  The film itself was about 12 minutes long and featured interviews with donors, participating metalsmiths, and the organizers of RJM and Ethical Metalsmiths.  It was interesting to see both sides of the project, see what the donors and the artists thought about the process.  Next weekend the film will be shown at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC as part of their Jewelry Study Day on the 12th.  Eventually, it will be more widely available, and I’ll give you an update when I can.

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  1. It was great to see you on Friday. Wish I could have gone to the Ethical Metalsmiths showing, congrats on having work it the film. And thanks for the mention on your blog.


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