September Artist of the Month – Bill Martin

Deep Thought Ring © Bill Martin
Deep Thought Ring © Bill Martin

Well, it’s been a year now since I began the Artist of the Month feature here on Hammermarks, and I enjoy introducing you to different artists each month.  This month I’m featuring another jeweler, Bill Martin.  He is located outside of Philadelphia and he makes rings.  Not tiny, simple bands, but HUGE, HONKIN’ RINGS!  You know that I love huge, honkin’ jewelry, so it was a natural fit for me. (Also, the whole Deep Thought/42 thing sold it for me ;^)

One of the great things I’ve found is that on his blog he shows you how he makes his pieces.  His most recent post showed a nifty little trick where he used his firebrick as a mold for casting an element he used in a ring.  When you look at his work, you can see a correlation with some of the elements that I like to use in my work, particularly the large, interesting, but not necessarily precious gemstones.  (Tamra, have you seen them?!)

So got check out his blog, Purified Art, and of course, admire and buy some of his work!

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