Penrod in Two Weeks!

Map of Penrod Art Fair on the IMA Grounds
Map of Penrod Art Fair on the IMA Grounds

I’ll be at Penrod in two weeks and here’s a map of the entire fair.  I’ll be at booth# Yellow 103 so please come and visit me!  What, you don’t live near Indianapolis?  But you know someone who does?  Then invite them to come visit me.

There’s going to be over 3oo artists, performing arts, music, food, drink and kids activities.  I hear that the kettle corn is out of this world. offered tips last year for navigating the fair:

At 42, the Penrod Arts Fair may be approaching middle age, but like its contemporaries — Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry and Patrick Dempsey, for example — it’s holding up quite nicely, thank you very much.

Up to 350 artists — more than half of whom are from outside Indiana — bring acrylic and watercolor artwork, jewelry, kites, pottery and more to the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s grounds.

Dave McGimpsey, the Penrod Arts Fair chairman, offers these six tips to navigating the event.

  • Arrive early. Up to 40,000 shoppers will be browsing Penrod’s booths during the day. If you want the best shot at the goodies, get there by 9.a.m. Even better, park your car at one of six locations (see box) and hop on the free shuttle.
  • Map it out. The Art Fair program contains a newly designed map for 2008, helping to sketch out a plan of attack.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking on 26 acres of the IMA’s Lilly Estate.
  • Pack sunscreen. “Penrod day has a lot of summer sunshine,” McGimpsey says. “We’ve been very fortunate to have good weather over the years.”
  • Channel your inner Food Network star. From wine to popcorn to pizza, conduct your own taste test of local eateries at 21 food and drink booths.
  • Let the kids loose. Penrod’s children’s area keeps little ones occupied with storytelling, pottery, face painting, an instrument petting zoo and more.

– By Julie Cope Saetre / Star correspondent

So come out and enjoy yourself, bring your friends and family to Indiana’s Nicest Day!