Crazy Mushroom in my Front Yard

Last week we had some crazy mushrooms growing in our front yard.  I never thought to take a photo when I initially saw the mushrooms, but within two days they were the size of a small pizza!  They each started out about half the size of my closed fist, also looking like a ball.  Then they eventually stretched out flat.  You can see my sandal in a couple photos for comparison.  My feet are a size 10.5 US and that means that this mushroom is crazy big!  So enjoy the mushroom gallery I’ve made up for you today.  I’ll return with more art related posts over the weekend.

One thought on “Crazy Mushroom in my Front Yard

  1. You always wonder what makes lone things like that sprout up.

    I got a chuckle out of the “pizza” comparison–especially considering how I like mushrooms ON my pizza. lol!


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