Top Inspirational Blogs I Read

Some of these might be repeats, but some blogs can’t be pigeon holed!

  1. Zen Habits – great posts about motivation, time management, and simplifying your life
  2. True North Arts – inspirational art projects and contests
  3. Creative Everyday – seriously, you haven’t looked at this site yet?! I’ve only mentioned it about a zillion times!
  4. Essential Prose – she’s a freelance writer who blogs about creativity and social awareness
  5. Living in Season – she inspires you to manage your life using the cycles of the seasons
  6. Mark Silver’s Heart of Businessthis site tells business owners that “you can make a profit while making a difference”
  7. Susie Monday – she has loads of inspirational projects and practices for you to try out

Once again, all of these lists are in no particular order.