Top Seven Artist Blogs I Read

Yes, that’s right, Top Seven.  Why does everything always have to be ten?  Seven is luckier anyway.  But I really wanted to stick with blogs that I try to read every time there’s a new post.  These are the ones I go to first when I want to just enjoy being on the computer.

  1. Creative Everyday – Leah Piken Kolidas’ blog about her work, her process, and home to the Creative Everyday and Art Every Day Moth challenges.  I have I mentioned enough on this blog how much I love her work?!
  2. Tamra’s Jewelry Design Chronicles – Her work is amazing and if you compare us you can see how two people can use similar techniques but create completely different designs.  And she’s funny!
  3. Lisa Call – Lately she’s been extremely focused on getting her house and studio redesigned, and it’s interesting to see the evolution of the process.  And her art quilts are amazing. **As of Posting, her website seems to be down, but check back later to see her work**
  4. Megan Aumen – Central PA jewelry and metal artist extraordinaire!  I love that lately she’s been focusing on objects for the home.  And the laser cutting is just so clean and design oriented.
  5. Margaux Lange – Barbie jewelry at it’s finest.  It’s fun to see all the shows and publicity she gets and her new designs never fail to impress.
  6. Extreme Craft – I love his sense of humor and it’s always refreshing to hear a male point of view.  I love the quircky places he visits (both on and offline).
  7. Susie Monday – Susie’s blog is chock full of inspirational projects.  She really involves the spiritual into her work life and it inspires me to work differently sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Top Seven Artist Blogs I Read

  1. Wendy, thank you so much–I am honored that you like my blog (and that you think I’m funny!)–really, I am. And, the feeling is, of course, mutual. –You know I love your blog (when I’m able to park for a few and read it).


  2. Tamra FB’d the Christine Kane post and I had to see. And I’m so glad I found you. In addition to loving Tamra (she’s one of my very favorite people, I read Christine, Margaux and Megan. Now I’ll have to go check out your other favs. I bet I end up liking them too!


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