Jewelry Making Books

I’ve been inspired by a recent Facebook meme I did to share with you my favorite books about jewelry making and metalsmithing.  These aren’t the only books I’ve read on the subject, but they are the ones I’ve referred to the most.

Silversmithing by Rupert Finegold and William Seitz – the definitive book on metalsmithing.  I basically learned how to crimp fold solely from this book.  The directions are that good.

The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight – great source of basic information on a wiiiiddddeee variety of jewelry making techniques

Form Emphasis for Metalsmiths by Heikki Seppa – another definitive book on the subject of metalsmithing (can there be two definitive books on anything?) most of our handouts  in college were from this and the Complete Metalsmith.

Jewelry Concepts and Technology by Oppi Untracht – a good reference book for jewelry making across time and cultures.

Foldforming by Charles Lewton-Brain – my new favorite book!

and just because it’s interesting to see how techniques have changed (and stayed the same)…

On Divers Arts by Theophilus – I actually read excerpts from this in an art history class and had to buy it! (I have to admit that I still haven’t read all of it, but then again I don’t really want to work with lead and mercury or even my own urine in order to make my pieces.