Top Ten Blogs I Read About Business and Blogging

Some of these are art based and some are general business blogs.  I’ve found all of them helpful and hope that you do too.

  1. Art Biz Blog – exactly what the name implies.  Alyson Stanfield also offers coaching, classes, and you can buy her book, I’d Rather Be In the Studio through links to her website.
  2. Chris Brogan – I’ve only started reading this blog recently, but there have been some really helpful posts, especially if you browse through the archives.
  3. Fine Art Views – this one is also art based and features articles by Chris Watson and contributors about many aspects of being a working artist.
  4. The Crafted Webmaster – Nicolette Tallmadge is a jeweler and a website guru and her blog is very informative and detailed.  And it’s her birthday today!!
  5. Womenwise Marketing – I’ve met the owner of this blog (she’s in my artist networking group the CHL here in Lancaster)  Her blog is helpful and fun and I love her logo!
  6. Quick Craft Artist Tips You Need to Know – Her blog is great if you are just starting out selling at craft shows or even in general for new craft artists.  She’s also written for the Crafts Report.
  7. ProBlogger – This is not art based and provides generally helpful advise for blogging.
  8. The Creative Entrepreneur – even though I can’t find any RSS feed for this “blog” I find some good advice while reading through it.
  9. Publicity Hound – this is also not an art specific blog, but Joan Stewart offers excellent advice and fosters community through asking for ideas to “Help a Hound Out.”
  10. 30 Day Challenge – While not a blog per say, this year’s challenge begins on August 1st, so check it out.  It’s absolutely free and testimonials say that it delivers what it promises.  I’m trying it out this year and there is some pre-season training available as we speak.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Blogs I Read About Business and Blogging

  1. Wendy, I’m honored to be on your list, particularly among great bloggers like Chris Brogram, Alyson Stanfield and ProBlogger.

    “Help This Hound” is the most popular part of my newsletter becaue readers love seeing all the ideas from others . You can see back issues in the archives at htp://


  2. Well, now, I’m honored to be among bloggers like Joan Stewart, Chris Brogan and ProBlogger 🙂

    Thanks for the shout-out. I love getting your newsletter in the mail and seeing all of your new pieces!


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