Paul Overton on Passion vs. Money, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Me

Remember last week when I said that Dudecraft mentioned me on his blog?  Well, now he mentioned me in an interview at the CraftyPod.  The interview is interesting and is about blogging and social media in the craft world and how so many people are just about the selling and not as much about personality.  Here’s the blurb on CraftyPod about the interview:

CraftyPod #95: Crafting for Money vs. Passion, with Paul Overton

– An interview with Paul Overton, author of the Dudecraft blog. This conversation was inspired by this post.

– Some thoughts on the difference between crafting for money and crafting for passion.

– How does handmade work change when it’s made solely for profit?

– What happens when independent craft businesses start flooding the online community with marketing messages?

– What does it mean when a handmade item has “mojo?”

Check out this interview because it’s interesting and really good.  It shows how passion in your work is what sells it, not following the trends, or simply trying to sell it.  You need to let people into your mindset, into your inspiration, and into your technique.  I do try to do that here.  Do you think I’m succeeding?  Do agree with Paul or do you think the complete opposite?  Let us know here and also comment on CraftyPod and Dudecraft.

2 thoughts on “Paul Overton on Passion vs. Money, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Me

  1. hi, I am one of the many, who no doubt will discover your work and blog thru the Craftypod exposure. Look forward to returning often!


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