All About PA Month Wrap-Up

It’s the end of May now and All About PA Month has come to a close.  I hope that I opened your eyes to the wonderful things that you can find in the Keystone State.  We had interviews with three interesting people scattered throughout the state, I talked about SNAG, FlavorFest and gave you some PA art scene linky love.  Hopefully you’ve found out about what a great arts destination PA is and how involved its community members are.

So, have I inspired you?  Do you want to visit this great state?  Or do you want to become more involved in your own community?  What things make your state unique?  Have you started to think seriously about “Buy Local, Buy Handmade”?  Summer is a wonderful time to get out and meet people.  Get to know your neighbors, visit local shops and events, begin to research and explore your state.  Then why don’t you blog about it and let us know what you found out by leaving a link in the comments here?