Helping to Fund the Arts in PA (when the government chooses not to)

In the wake of the depressing news about arts funding in Pennsylvania that we received this week, I’m going to propose a new initiative.  Those who care about the arts and feel that funding them is important to the community need to go out and support the arts the best way that they can, by buying from local artists, visiting local museums, and going to local performances.  And make sure to bring your friends, make it a real grassroots involvement.

Check out your local arts organizations and see what they have on their schedule.  Colleges also tend to have performing arts programs and there are many community boosting activities like First Fridays, Forth Thursdays, etc. that offer exposure to local galleries and artists.  Make sure to bring kids so that they learn that arts are important.  Many of these events have specific kids focused activities.  And of course, do your shopping for gifts (and yourself!) at craft shows featuring local artists (for example FlavorFest over Memorial Day weekend.   I am so shameless sometimes!).

And, of course, by supporting your local artists and art programs you are pumping money into your local economy.  This is money that can then be used to help other parts of the community, like perhaps your business!  It’s a win-win situation.