Jewelry Programs to Check Out

I’ve mentioned on here before that I went to art school and have a BFA in jewelry & metalsmithing, but not all jewelers start out (or finish) that way.  But for those of you who are interested in taking classes or completing a degree and you’re in the south eastern PA/MD area, here are some programs you can check out.

Tyler School of Art at Temple University – my alma mater and they just moved down to Main Campus and should have a brand new facility.  I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure there’s a super computer lab attached. (And yes, my chalice is still on their website student gallery)

University of the Arts – I don’t personally know much about their jewelry program, but Doug Bucci did his undergrad here.

Moore College of Art & Design – I also have no personal knowledge of Moore’s jewelry program, but curiously their crafts department is listed as Fine Art 3D.

Millersville UniversityChristina Miller runs the Fine Arts Metals dept and this is where I did the Lancaster Radical Jewelry Makeover.  I also know that Jen Townsend will be teaching some classes there as well.  It’s not an art school, but they do have a good department that encourages artistic thought.

Not looking for a BFA/MFA but want an overview course or workshops? Check these programs out:

Maryland Institute, College of Art – While it is a fully accredited art school offering degree programs, the jewelry program isn’t itself a major (as far as I could tell), but there is a studio where I’ve taken workshops and they have a certificate program.

Harrisburg Area Community College -I also have no personal knowledge of their certificate program, but there are PA Guild of Craftsmen who are affiliated with the dept.  They also offer a crafts marketing program of study and the Radius Gallery at the State Museum is also affiliated with them.

Montgomery College – This is where I audited classes to gain studio access when I lived in an apartment in Maryland.  They offer basic courses and some enameling as well as hosting some of Washington Guild of Goldsmiths’ workshops.

One thought on “Jewelry Programs to Check Out

  1. Hello.
    Thank you for your list on colleges and degree program in the area of Jewelry.
    I am looking to donate a library of jewelry books.
    they are in excellent condition, wrapped in clear plastic covers and many of the books are fairly large and if purchased and shipped would run about $150 or more.
    there are about 550 books in this private collection.
    I have a sample of one shelf of the collection with names, value, etc. The owners are looking to make a donation for tax purposes so the books would be of no cost. The institution would be asked to move the books to their library and the collection would have to be kept whole.
    The Jeweler who purchased these books cut and polished precious and semiprecious stones, extensively used granulation, silver and gold were used almost exclusively–mostly gold–jewelry of Byzantium, Egypt, Medieval , Greek, contemporary design, created alloys and various gradations of wire, and cloisonne.

    If you happen to know of a school or college that might be interested in this collection, please let me know at my email address below. Also, if the school (or person) would want to see a sample of what is included in the collection, I will gladly forward that.

    Thank you for reading this.
    Robyn Gangi


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