Monday Linky Love

Since it’s Monday and you’re probably busy, I’m going to give you a short post today featuring links to the blogs I like to read.  Yes you can find most of them in my blogroll, but I wanted to let you know a little bit more about who these writers are.

Creative Everyday – I try to stay up to date with Leah’s post (you might remember her as my first Artist of the Month)  She talks about how she makes her art and why, and I love her paintings/collages

Clint Watson’s Blog – I’ve recently gotten more into reading his blog.  The articles are incredibly helpful for artists and they almost always make me think about how I can be better.

Art Biz Blog – The name really says it all!  Plus Alyson’s Deep Thought Thursdays give you an interesting insight into how artists think.

Essential Prose – I found this blog through Chuck Westbrook‘s blog experiment and I’ve kept up with it because the writing is so great.  Zoë’s post aren’t just helpful for writers, but pretty much everyone, especially creative types.

Stop.Look.Listen – a local arts event blog that helps me stay in touch with goings on in Lancaster

smARTist Career Blog – Another artist career blog that has very helpful articles and features an artist each Friday

Lisa Call and Susie Monday – both textile artists with completely different work and blogs, but I enjoy reading both immensely

That’s all I’m giving for now.  You can of course check out the links in my right sidebar to find more great blogs I enjoy.  Notice a complete lack of jewelers in this post?  That means there will be a part two coming soon…