Popular Mechanics Rocks!

I feel like such a fool.  I’ve always thought that Popular Mechanics magazine was about working on cars.  My mistake!  Apparently it’s about how to make or use all kinds of things.  A person that I work with had it sitting on the counter, and I saw an article about duct tape.  So I had to pick it up and read about it, right?!  Then I saw that there was an article about how to build your own backyard forge.

I have thought on and off about doing this, but never really had a schematics to work from (and I’m sure my neighbors are really not ready to hear my hammers outdoors).  This was a wonderful article, and while I’m probably not going to do it any time soon, I wanted to share it with everyone out there in internet land.  In the same issue there was also a mini how-to article about making a heavy duty workbench, but I couldn’t find it online, so you’ll just have to buy it if you want to see it.  Sorry.

So now I’m in love.  Just when I was cutting back on my magazine subscriptions this one comes along.  I still don’t know whether to make a full commitment, so for now we’ll keep it online.