Coming Attractions

This Spring I have a lot of excitement planned, both here on Hammermarks and in real life.  I have some special blog events happening in conjunction with the release of Maria V. Snyder‘s newest book, Storm Glass.  There will be a contest in March and an interview with the author shortly after that.

I have both Reflections in Metal and FlavorFest coming up.  I’m planning a special event to coincide with FlavorFest for my patrons, so if you’ve bought from me in the past but never signed-up for my mailing list you better let me know soon!  (Make sure to remind me what it was you bought so I can match your name to who I remember you as.)  If you haven’t bought from me in the past, but don’t want to miss out on special opportunities like these, now’s your chance.  Check out America Creates, Radius Gallery, or Luke & Eloy Gallery, or you can even buy from me directly if you prefer.

As each event gets closer, I’ll give you more details.  So stay tuned and let the Spring fun begin!