Interview with Jessica Watson

In my newsletter, I had half of an interview with Jessica Watson, Curator and Assistant Manager of Radius Gallery at the State Museum in Harrisburg, PA.  If you missed that, email me to sign up for my mailing list (snail mail &/or email).  For those of you who did get to read it, here is the remainder of the interview.

When asked what a collector should look for when buying fine craft, Jessica answered: originality, craftsmanship, and diversity.

I asked what her favorite piece of fine art or craft that she owned was, and she mentioned a contemporary wall quilt she has hanging in her home.  She loves the colors and said it looks amazing in her home!

Finally, I questioned her whether she had seen any lasting trends or short lived fads in the craft world.  Her answer was:

“Ceramics is huge!  There are so many ceramicists, with jewelers a close second.  Alternative styles of firing seem to be a rising trend in ceramics.  Recycled art/craft is a fairly contemporary trend that seems to be making a lasting mark.”

So, do you agree with Jessica?  What sort of trends have you seen in the craft world?  What traits do you look for when collecting fine art and fine craft?  And what is your favorite piece of art or craft that you own?  Leave a comment and let us know!

If you’d like to visit Radius Gallery (it’s their 4th anniversary!) check out their website for directions.   They are jam packed with Pennsylvanian craftsmen and don’t forget that you can buy some of my work there as well!