It’s Hammer Time!

Today I’m in a silly mood and decided to give you links about hammers.  These hammers, however, are not the kind you’ll use for jewelry making.  So click on some links and have some fun!

Hammer Bowling

Horror by Hammer Films

Show Your Captain Hammer Love (for the record though, I’m on Dr Horrible’s side)

U Can’t Touch This

Arm & Hammer

Glass Hammer I must admit that I never heard of them, but what an awesome name for a band!

And of course, Mike Hammer

So what silly hammer links do you have?  Go ahead and leave us some to continue the fun!

One thought on “It’s Hammer Time!

  1. Hehe, great post. Funny you mentioned “Hammer Time,” because I just cued up MC Hammer recently, feeling the urge to flash back…

    I would leave an MC Hammer link, but you already have a good one there. 😉


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