2009 is promising to be a year of challenges.  Economic challenges, challenges for the new president, weather challenges (at least in my mind).  But do challenges have to be a bad thing?

When we’re faced with challenges we are forced to discover new ways of doing things and new ways of finding solutions.  We are forced to reconfigure our plans, our dreams, our lives.  We are given the chance to reinvent ourselves and to change the world (or at least our small portion of it).

I know that I work differently when I give myself challenges with my work.  I can always just keep doing the same thing that I’m comfortable doing, or I can challenge myself to find a different way of working or designing.  The Super “Bowl” challenge was an example of this.  I wanted to work on a bowl, but I made myself do it with a deadline in mind.  I forced myself to work on a new design I had been putting off because I wasn’t sure how to do it.  I thought about the bowl all the time from Thursday through Sunday and the processes were worked out and I completed it.

I also look for challenges in calls for entry, or just decide that I should do a brooch or bracelet or something that I haven’t tried before.  It’s a way of making me think in a different way and this helps all of my projects.  So what kind of challenges do you give yourself?  What challenging situations have forced you to change your way of thinking or doing things?  Comment and let us know.