Winter in my backyard
Winter in my backyard

Last week I was listening to my smARTist 2008 telesummit and the speaker was Waverly Fitzgerald.  I didn’t think I would be that into her because it was about time management and I’m a lister and tend to have things pretty under control (or so I tell myself).  But it turned out I really enjoyed what she was saying.  She spoke a lot about working with natural time to plan your year and how she tends to plan by the seasons.

Lately I’ve been thinking about this new year and my plans for it and naturally I think in terms of months, but also intuitively in terms of seasons.  I’m really

Rose in Winter
Rose in Winter

affected by the weather and living in PA we have four definite seasons, so I feel the turning of the year and plan certain things accordingly. The Winter is a time of taking stock and preparation for the upcoming year.  Also a time of sending out applications and waiting to hear back.  Winter is a season of waiting – for notifications and for Spring.

Then I was on Creative Everyday and was looking at some of Leah’s work and realized how in tune with the seasons her pieces are.  I thought about whether or not my work had a seasonal drift to it, but it seems it’s more the intensity of the project rather than the visual details that is more in tune with what time of year it is.  And really some of that may have more to do with the “selling” season rather than any natural season.  I can work on larger more time consuming projects in Winter when I don’t have to get a bunch of stuff done for craft shows.  I have more time to focus on one or two projects at a time.

So now that the groundhog predicted six more weeks of Winter what does the season mean for you?  How do you plan your life around the seasons?

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  1. Oh, I really love the idea of time management using the seasons as a guide. I am definitely affected by the seasons (yes, it seems to come out in my art), but it really impacts my energy as well. I suppose that’s why those of us living with the seasons look forward to the energy of spring so much!!


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