Creative Marketing Contest

I am here to brighten up your dreary winter days!  I have decided to have a contest over the next two weeks regarding…marketing.  Not as excited?  There’s a prize involved…

Now that I have your attention again, I am interested in finding out your most creative, “out there,” alternative marketing promotion, venue, or other idea that actually worked.  That’s the important part, that it worked.  Then in two weeks I will pick a winner who will receive:

Bruce Baker’s Booth Design & Merchandising for Craft & Trade Shows CD.

How to play:  Just leave a comment on this post that explains in detail what your marketing adventure was, how it benefited you (not your actual sales figures please), and why you decided to do it.  This is something that we all can benefit from, not just the winner.  So tell your friends, tweet this, repost it with a link and of course have fun and good luck!

3 thoughts on “Creative Marketing Contest

  1. Great idea! Can I post an idea I heard from someone else? I actually found this on a copywriting forum and thought it was brilliant, so I committed it to memory in case it could ever help a client of mine.

    While on the job, a house painter would often be stopped by potential clients looking for his contact information. But pulling out a business card wasn’t always easy or convenient for him, so he printed business-card sized magnets and stuck them all over the back of his work truck.

    Then when people asked for more information, he could tell them to just grab a magnet off the back. It also turned his vehicle into a great sales tool, no matter where it was parked.


    1. Of course you can post other people’s ideas, but make sure you differentiate that someone else came up with it (as you did Kelly). Also, feel free to comment on other comments!


  2. Here’s two… I make my own potpourri (business name By The Bay Botanicals – formally Grammy’s Country Collectibles). To try and get people to sign up on my mailing list I had a contest to decide which will be my next potpourri fragrance and in color/design. The people who voted for the fragrance were contacted with a choice of a free package of the winning potpourri or a coupon of 25% off a future order. It was successful for various reasons. I got people to sign up for the mailing list – people had to fill out their name, email and/or mailing address and check the one they liked via samples at a show. People who weren’t really interested in potpourri just wanted to get involved because it was fun and they thought it was a fun way to help. These people even got strangers involved. At the end of the day I had 3 pages full of people who signed up and I got a new fragrance picked by my own customers with great feedback AND it created customers.

    The second idea is from my boss, the owner of the Maryland Store. Two years or so ago they did an Elvis day/weekend promotion. They went all out for the event, dressed as Elvis, played Elvis music, even served Elvis’ favorite foods as well as working in Elvis special sales for the store. According to my boss, their record breaking sales for one day occurred that weekend and from what I know hasn’t been met yet – including the days around the holidays . Moral of the story, if work is fun others join in with you.


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