I’m Back!

Ok, I’ve finally noticed that I’ve been MIA the past couple of weeks in regards to my online life.  I didn’t bother me too much not to have been on the computer all the time, but I realized that I have been quite the slacker in keeping up connections.  Some of it was the madness of the holiday season, some of it was the crackdown at my PTB job on internet usage, and some of it was just a general malaise on my part when it came to staring at the computer for long periods of time.

Now it’s 2009 and I’ve got my mojo back.  I’m excited again about the possibilities in my metalworking realm, both new ideas and potential venues for my work.  I feel invigorated and motivated and I started the New Year with a bunch of online research on new galleries and by beginning my “Metalwork of the Month” email to my mailing list featuring a new piece I’ve just finished every month.  (If you want to receive these emails and also learn about upcoming events email me and let me know.  I’ll add you to the list.  By the way, this list will never be sold or given out to anyone… ever.)

Friday I finished the next piece in my Elements series, Ice, and this week I want to begin a new medallion.  Photos will come shortly.  This weekend was the last of the family celebrations, so now I can fully focus on my metalwork and on reconnecting with my tweeps, blog readers, FB friends, etc.