2009 – The Year of the Gallery

As almost everyone else is doing right now, I’ve been thinking about what I want to change, start, or continue doing in the new year.  There are many things that I want to do, but don’t know yet how to go about them.  There are other things that I have to wait to hear back on before continuing planning.  Then there are the things I have been putting off for lack of time, funds, or just because it means that I have to take that step over the edge of my comfort zone.

One big plan I have for this year is to create a solo exhibition proposal to shop around to different galleries.  This is something which I find really puts me into the anxiety zone.  This means that I have to know how to package a show, what to put into it, which galleries to approach about it, and then how to wow them into accepting me.  All very daunting.  But one of the things that I have been trying to work on is jumping in despite the fear.  This is the next big step I need to take to further my career and I feel that my Elements series is the right grouping of work to start with.  I hope that by putting this out here for all of you to read it will make me stick with this and not procrastinate until the series has been sitting around for years and years and isn’t fresh anymore.

So how did you go about getting your first solo exhibition?  How did you choose galleries?  Was it luck, hard work and lots of planning, or a bit of both?  I know that I’m not the only one who be interested in finding out, so please comment and help us all out.  Even better, if you are a gallery owner, tell us what you look for in a good solo show proposal and what really turns you off about the bad ones.