Spirituality of Art Poll

I’ve been thinking about a post discussing how one’s spirituality affects their art and I’m looking for your input.  Please answer this poll and leave a comment or email me with a more indepth discussion of how it affects you personally.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Spirituality of Art Poll

  1. I thought this was interesing as a topic. I am finding more and more that my art is influenced by spiritual beliefs. The work I did for my present exhilbition is much more spiritual than I ever did. I am now contemplating a Zen virtual exhibit for my art business and a yoga series for my next set of artwork that i create.


  2. The involvement of our mental, spiritual and emotional selves with art leaves room for each individual to have a different experience, thus making art personally relevant and rewarding.


  3. Cool little poll. I hope more people answer it. We might want to try and compare answers from several postings on sites! I certainly have to answer in the affirmative. I think as artists we can find such rich imagery, connection to cultural heritage and tradition, and personal meaning in working from our spiritual connections.


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