Raucous! Everything Raven

Raucous! Everything Ravens at the North Museum
Raucous! Everything Ravens at the North Museum

I went today to see Evon Zerbetz‘ exhibit, Raucous! Everything Ravenat the North Museum in Lancaster.  I had heard about it because Evon was the first interview in Alyson Stanfield’s Artist Insights series and I was interested in the exhibit.  She said that it was coming to Pennsylvania and when I looked it up I was overjoyed that it was coming to the North Museum.

The exhibit features some of Evon’s fine art prints which are beautiful and fun.  The graphic black ink with the bright bold colors really made the ravens stand out and their antics kept bringing a smile to my face.  There were also placards with amusing and interesting raven info, stories and “experiments.”  For “kids” there also was a raven based game and a raven bling treasure hunt.  (My mother and I did the treasure hunt, but a family was already playing the game so we didn’t get the chance.)  Then there was a cozy little corner where you could watch “Corvid Cam” and listen to “Raven Radio.”

The best thing about this exhibit was that Evon did everything herself.  There was a raven print on the couch in the cozy.  There were her prints on the walls.  She made a raven nest, compiled the raven info, created the raven game, researched famous ravens, even painted the walls herself!  Then, in the cozy on the table, there was a book (handmade or at least altered by Evon) where visitors to the exhibition could write their own raven tales.  It really pulled viewers into her exhibition.  Evon found many ways to involve her visitors in her work and it was fun to be a participant.

So get out and participate in some art!  Raucous! Everything Raven will be at the North Museumin Lancaster, PA until January 19th.

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  1. Wendy, I’m so glad you got to see this! And I love seeing your photo. I don’t remember a column with the bird tracks on it, so this might be something new to this installation. (I’m sure they’re all unique as each space is different.) Be sure to shoot Evon and email and tell her. She’d love to hear from you!


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